Outlaw Golf 2 Cheats & Codes

Unlock Everything

Select create in menu, Enter "I Have No Time". Make sure to use the left trigger to enter the capital letters.

Smaller Ball

Hold L, and then press Down(3), Black during game play.

Perfect Shot

Hold L, and then press A, B, A(2), B, White, B, A during gameplay.

Extra Beat Token

Hold L, then press White(2), Black(2), Y during game play.

Bouncy Ball

Hold L, and then press Up(2), A, Up(2), B, Up(2), X during game play.

Bigger Ball

Hold L, and then Press Up(3), Black during game play.

Huge...Tracts Of Land

B, Up(2), B, Y.

Big Head

B, A, B, Y, Black.

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