Outwars Cheats & Codes

All Armor (demo Version)

Highlight the scout armor at the host mission and hold [Down].

All Weapons (demo Version)

Highlight the rocket pod at the host mission and hold [Down].

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, enter one of the following codes:

macleod		Invincibility
keymaster		Armor, health, ammo
dirtyharry		Infinite ammo
buzz		Glider wings
framerate		Display framerate
phantom		Press [F11] and [F12] to spy
gohome		Reset at starting position
thrasher		View all enemies on radar
snipsnip		Toggle character's sex
timewarp		Toggle timer
bigears		Toggle sounds
showall		Full map
weaponcam		Camera follows ammo
singletrac		"Singletrac Rules!" message
sneakers		Unknown
derek7		Unknown
warpme		Unknown
bigbrother		Unknown
nocd		Unknown
baumer		Unknown

Level Select

While playing a game, type "jump[level name]", using "oasis", "anubis", "ragnarok", "juggernaut", and "dead" as level names.