P.N.03 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Beating The Last Two Bosses

On the last level you will face two bosses. If you have them, use the Itera Guardian on the first part of the level then when you come to the energy station (floating pink ball) switch to your Itera Blazer, and try to get the pegasis pro. First use the swan on the boss when it is in car mode. If the swan doesn't destroy its cannons then just stay by a hole and fire you palm shot at it. when a pink ring appears around it, get into one of the holes and duck. After it passes you jump out and start shooting it. When it goes into scopian mode shoot it with the pegasis pro, it that doesn't finish it start shooting at it stay near a hole though. Ater you beat the scorpian mode, it will fall in the middle hole but fly out in bird mode. If you have enough power drive evergy, fire the pegasis pro and you will win. Run to the other end of the room, collect the replenishes, and go through the door. When you jump on the platform a tail will fall from the roof, fire your swan at it and then the rest of the robot will fall down. Keep firing at it with your swan. I found that the swan does the same damage on it as the swan. Dodge its cannon fire, the flying machines that it produces, ultra cannon fire, and dark matter spheres. You will most likely have to fire at it when you run out of powerdrive energy, but not for long. The robot will blow up and you client will tell you to go in the next room. Then the game ends.

Unlock Papillon Suit

Beat the game twice with the same save file to unlock the Papillon Suit.

Unlock Hard Mode

Beat the game on Normal or Easy to unlock Hard Mode.

Unlock Blackbird Suit

To unlock the Blackbird Suit, beat the game on Easy or Normal.

Different Endings

Beat the game on Normal to get a good ending (better than Easy), and a new title screemn. Beat the game on Hard with a Regular ranking to get the best possible ending.