Pac-Man World Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

'Gimme Space' Hints

In the level 'Gimme Space' right at the beginning the is a platform to your left. You can go there to get the P letter. Also, in the part where ghosts are trying to get you on those circular platforms it doesn't matter if you fall there. You'll just get transported back to the circular platforms unless you jumped into the ball of light where you'll get transported to another place.


Get 100%. Yep. That means all PACMAN letters, unlocking all mazes, and completing all levels.

More Lives

Before you fight Anubis Rex, go in every game you finish before and take the extra life at the beginig of every game. Now you have more lives 8-10. (You can do this every time you have difficulty)

Extra Continues

Select classic mode. Then before pressing Start to begin a game, press Select to raise the number of continues up to ninety-nine.

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