Peter Jackson's King Kong Cheats & Codes

999 Ammo

Enter "KK 999 mun" as a code.

Level Select

Type in "KKst0ry" at the cheat menu.

Sniper Rifle

Enter "KKsn1per" in the Cheats menu.

Machine Gun

Enter "KKcapone" in the Cheats menu.

Cheat Mode

Hold L1+R1 and press Down,circle,up,square,down (2),up(2) at the main menu. Release L1+R1 and the cheat option will appear. Select cheat option and enter one of the case sensitive codes to activate it. NOTE(codes have no effect when playing as Kong)

Bonuses Complete

Enter "KKmuseum" at the cheat menu.


At the cheat menu, type in 8wonder

One-Hit Kills

Enter "GrosBras" while in the Cheats menu.


Enter "KKsh0tgun" or "KK BigBlast" in the Cheats menu.


Enter "KKtigun" in the Cheats menu.

Unlimited Spears

Enter "lance 1nf" as a code (#1 in second word). Press reload to get another spear.

Peter Jackson's King Kong Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Unlock Alternate Ending

There is another ending to this game, so don't think that Kong just dies. Gain a score of 250,000 and complete game to unlock a bonus level in your extras. You get to help save Kong.

Killing V-Rexes With Kong

The very first time you fight the V-Rexes, there is a ledge which you can climb onto so they cannot attack. However, once you are up there, you will be attacked by the flying dinosaurs. They are not hard to defeat. When you are up there, go into Fury mode by repeatedly tapping Triangle until Kong smacks the ground. While in Fury mode, attack the V-Rexes one at a time. After you have hit one of them three times with X, they will be temporarily knocked out. You can then perform a finishing move by repeatedly tapping Circle or X. If done correctly, Kong will snap the V-Rex's jaw in two or throw it.

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