Peter Jackson's King Kong Cheats & Codes

Cheats Codes

At the extras menu hold L+R and enter Down, X, Up, Y, Down, Down, Up, Up. Let go of L=+R. A new option called "cheat" will appear below extras.
KKst0ry (0=number) = All levels
KK 999 mun (spaces between words) = 999 Ammo
KKmuseum = All extras
8wonder = Infinate Health 
KKcapone = Machine Gun
KKtigun = Revolver
KKsh0tgun (0=number) = Shotgun
KKsn1per (1=number) = Sniper Rifle
lance 1nf (space, 1=number) = Infinate Spears
GrosBras = One Shot Kills
You will hear a whooshing sound if it is entered correctly.

Peter Jackson's King Kong Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Skull Islanders

Whenever you see Skull Islanders on the level called "Jimmy" and further on into the game, just shoot the Skull Islanders with the Sniper Rifle instead of burning their "BRIDGES".

Peter Jackson's King Kong Unlockables & Awards

Play As Kong

In order to play as Kong, you have to play the level, called "ANN". Save ANN from the Miniature Venatosaurus while using the Thompson (Machine Gun) or the Revolver (Pistol). At the end of the level there will be lots of "BATS" over there. When you defeat all of them Kong will appear!

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