Phantasy Star Online Cheats & Codes

Extra Costumes

To get three new costumes for every character enter, SHUGRADJYT

Phantasy Star Online Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Photon Items

You must 1 photon drop in your bank, along with 99 crystals or spheres. select the 99 item, say you want to take out 99, then say "NO" then select the 1 item and select "YES," the item should still be in your bank, but take a look in your inventory and you will see 99 of the 1 item, you can also do this with other items such as mate, fluids, and atomizers.

Free Stuff!

If you have XBOX Live, go online and make a room in a block with a lot of people. Get a level 1 character and say that you are a noob (even though you might be) and some people will give some pretty good stuff. If you are a beginner and are having a hard time ask for an Al rappy, God/Arm++, or God/Minds (Hunter, Ranger, Force) and some weapons for your type class. If you just started, start low and ask for a J-Sword (most useful/powerful/preffered weapon in game). I gaurantee you that everyone has at least 1 (because it's been duplicated so many times). I have 5 myself. Happy Hunting!!!

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