Phantasy Star Universe Cheats & Codes

Gamer Score Achievements

The following gamer scores are unlocked when you achieve the following:
De Ragan Slayer (100gs)  	Defeat the Chapter 3 boss.
Onmagoug Slayer (100gs) 	Defeat the Chapter 5 boss.
Adahna Degahna Slayer (100gs) 	Defeat the Chapter 7 boss.
De Ragnus Slayer (100gs) 	Defeat the Chapter 8 boss.
Magas Maggahna Slayer (100gs) 	Defeat the Chapter 9 boss.
Dimmagolus Slayer (100gs) 	Defeat the Chapter 11 boss.
Dulk Fakis Slayer (200gs) 	Defeat the Chapter 12 boss.
Dulk Fakis 2 Slayer (200gs) 	Defeat the last boss.

Phantasy Star Universe Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Quick & Easy Level Up

When you first start off, go to the GAURDIAN Colony. Go to the 4th Floor of the center. Facing the stairs, go to the farthest corner to the right side. Enter the Linear Line and complete the first mission. Keep doing this mission as much as you want and you'll level up a lot faster. Do this until you're about lvl 10. And there you have an easy start!

Good Starting Weapons

A good weapon combo to get is a Powerguin and a Buster. They both do great damages for starters. It comes in handy for doing low level missions like on the Linear Colony. When you reach level 10, get a breaker and you'll deal exceedingly high damage :D.

Beat A Boss Fast

The most simplest way to beat a boss is too travel in a team. Have one man or woman with a strong gun. Have the boss chase the man or woman with the gun. AS he or she run's away shoot. Keep using that pattern. It may seem pretty hard at first. (Have every one travel with swords In case of close combat).

Phantasy Star Universe Unlockables & Awards

Unlock Extra Mode Voices

Complete the game and defeat all forms of the last boss. When you make a new cast character, you will have extra voice options available.

Extra Mode

To unlock the Extra Mode, clear chapter 4 in the Story Mode. It will exist on the title screen.

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