Pikmin Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


To unlock the pikmin you need a certin amount of ship parts. Yellow pikin are in the second level and blue in the 3 third. There is five levels altogether. NOTE: the last treasurer you get is a piggy bank.


Despit what most people think, Goolix IS indeed a boss. To battle it go to the Impact site on an odd numbered day. Only blue pikmin are able to fight it without dying immediately, So run away with non-blues.

Easy Way To Kill Egg Monster

Usually everybody wants to go the old fashioned way and just throw pikmin at it and it kills a lot of them so I found a better and easier way. All you have to do is get yellow pikmin with bomb rocks to throw the bomb rocks at it and about 12 will kill it. (i lost one pikmin because I ran out of bomb rocks).

Secret Egg

On the Distant Spring there is a egg in the middle of the level. You must be under 15 days to get it or it will disappear. You must hurt the egg a little for it to hatch (don't let the egg go health go down to zero or it will just break & nothing will come out). The egg will hatch & a green monster will come out. He is kinda hard to kill, he heals, & he kills your Pikmin really easily. After you defeat him he will drop an egg. Pick what color Pikmin to pick up the egg & it will drop 100 seeds!

Disappearing Pikmin

Okay this is weird. Go to the Forest Navel to where the wooden bridges are by the stone walls. Get at least 50 Pikmin with you and go under that bridge with all your Pikmin. Your Pikmin will start disappearing and your total Pikmin starts dropping. I don't understand what happens down there.


If an enemy is chasing you run to where your rocket is then you'll be safe. No enemy can attack you there. Note: This cheat will not work with the Snitchbug that steals your Pikmin.