Pilotwings Resort Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Super Mario Easter Egg

Take your plane and swoop down near the circle of cabins outside town on the south side of the island. You will hear the Super Mario theme song.

Highest Altitude

The highest altitude you can go on the game is 4,500 degrees in altitude.

Secret Mario Sound

To find the Secret Mario Sound, you have to have the gold level and must go to the three minute glide level. Fly over to the cabins next to the windmills. VOILA you hear a mario sound.

More Free Flight Mode Time

You can get more time in free flight mode, you can just collect the white balloons. When you collect 20 balloons you get 20 seconds more free flight time. You can just keep collecting for more time.

Pilotwings Resort Unlockables & Awards

Night Time (and Evening) Flight Time

While in free flight mode, collect 30 iPoints and you unlock evening flights. If you collect 45 iPoints, you unlock Night flights.


To unlock the following vehicles, accomplish these:
Turbo Jett in Free Flight: Complete all the missions on Silver
Cycle Glider in Free Flight: Complete all the missions on Gold
Super Rocket Belt in Free Flight: Complete all the missions on Platinum
Meca Hawk (Appearance in Free Flight) - Get three stars in every Mission Flight and Meca Hawk will appear walking around the isl


Complete the following to unlock these:
Balloons: Reach Silver Class to unlock Balloons to collect in Free Roam Mode.
Diamond Class: Get 3 stars on every mission and you will achieve Diamond Class after the credits. There are 3 missions in Diamond Class, all significantly more difficult than the previous classes.
Meca Hawk Diorama / All-Star Award: Get three stars in all Diamond Class missions
Castle on Private Island : Collect Every iPoint