Pitfall 3D Cheats & Codes

Original Pitfall Mini-game

Enter "CRANESBABY" as a password. Then during the mini-game, press one of the following button combinations to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Infinite lives

Press L1 + L2.

Crocodile message

Press R1 + Triangle while on a crocodile screen.

Change head to Atari 2600 programmer

Press R1 + R2.

Change head to programmer's daughter

Press R1 + Circle.

Level Passwords

Level	Name		Password

2	City Of Shenrak	METROPOLIS
3	Underground Caverns	DEEPDARK
4	Moku Temple	TEMPLEME
4	AGladiator		GEEHEISBIG
5	Blister Fields	HOTROCKS
6	Desert Into Volcano	GOINGDOWN
7	Blazing Flood	WOWTHATSHOT
7	AKryll Thular	BIGWORMGUY
8	Cell Blocks		JAILBREAK
9	Life Extraction	THUNDERDOMES
11	Crystal Matrix	SPOOKYMESAS
End	The Scourge		BESTFORLAST

Cheat Codes

Enter the following codes as passwords:

Password		What It Does

2DHARRY		Invisibility
STEVECRANEME	Ninety-nine lives
PLAYMOVIES	View FMV sequences
PITFALLCOMIC	Show comic book scenes
CREDITS		View credits
ZEROGHARRY	Flying mode
BIGHEADHARY	Big head mode
DISCOLIGHTS5	Start at level 3 with fifty-six lives
STOPTALKING	Disable comments from Harry
VIGILANTE		Demo game

Pitfall 3D Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Kill A Scorpion

To kill a scopion croch near it and kill it whith your pick ax.