Plants vs. Zombies Cheats & Codes

Achievement: Find The Yeti Zombie

It's easy, but you'll need to complete "Adventure Mode". After you complete the adventure mode, you'll need to start playing through adventure mode again. When you get to Level 4-10 (night time level, with that is mostly dark, but lit up by lightning effects), you should get the Yeti Zombie eventually. It may take a couple tries, but he should come out eventually. It's the only way to get the achievement.

Plants vs. Zombies Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Get The Dig To China Achivement

If you go to the achievements section and scroll down - and keep scrolling, and keep scrolling, you'll get to the bottom and you'll see upside down zombies! That's all you need to to! Then you'll have the achievement.

Plants vs. Zombies Unlockables & Awards

Quick Play

Complete adventure mode to unlock quick play.

Silver Trophy

Complete "Adventure Mode" to unlock the silver trophy.

Gold Trohpy

Collect all the trophies in the mini-games, puzzles, and "Survival Modes".

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