Playboy: The Mansion Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Increase Charm

To increase the Charm of people, have them follow you to a mirror and tell them to "Use". Repeat this several times.

Better Photoshoots

If you take a picture of a girl while she is winking (so that the picture has one eye closed), it will boost your photoshoot. Additionally, variety is the key to a great photoshoot. Get pics both on and off the bed, couch, or prop. Get some clothed and some topless. Get objects in as many pictures as possible. Get as many winks and raised eyebrows as possible. Also, fit them in the picture both close and far off. Pose and variety have absolutely no bearing on a photoshoot whatsoever. If you want a good photoshoot, introduce the model to your photographer and make sure they become friends. Then, do your photoshoot. The same goes for interviewees and your journalist. You will get a better interview if they are friends. To get a good photoshoot, you must do two things. Least importantly, have the photographer talk to the model. Second, wait until the girl stops moving. Make sure she is in frame and when she poses snap only one picture. End the photoshoot. As long as she is not a dog you should get four and a half to five stars.

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