Portal Cheats & Codes


If you use any cheats when playing, when you complete the game, a big "CHEATED!" will be displayed. You must use a save game that has no cheats to complete the game without the announcement.

Half-Life 2 Weapons

Go into console (~) and type impulse 101 (make sure sv_cheats 1 is enabled).

Shoot Portal Anywhere

Enter sv_portal_no_fail 1 in the command box it does not work on layers of non flat land.

Making Npcs

Bring up the command bar and enter npc_create npc_ then for the npc name like gman or headcrab or even zombie.

Fly Through Walls

After doing the sv_cheats 1 thing, press ` (~) to open the console and type: "noclip" and you will fly through walls.

Get Invisible

After enabling cheats, type: "notarget" and enemies won't see you.

God Mode

First, enable cheats. Then type "god" and you can't die anymore.

How To Get Weapons From Half Life And Max Portal Gun

If you have already done the sv_cheats 1 cheat, then type: "impulse 101" and you will get the weapons from half life.

Allow Cheats

You first have to activate the console. Then press ` to open it. Then type: "sv_cheats 1" and the game will allow cheats.

Portal Unlockables & Awards

Unlock Advanced Chambers

In order to unlock the advanced chambers, you must first complete all 19 test chambers. The advanced chambers are then yours to conquer.