Power Quest Cheats & Codes


Status			Password
National tournament,
 level 2 parts and power pack	1SZK-DRT2-QFY5
National tournament, level 2 parts,
 power pack, heal pack		32RY-DVNS-D2SP
Level 3 attacks, super parts,
 power pack			PV9S-040G-0140
National tournament, level 4 parts,
heal pack, power pack, super parts	5X7Q-RLD8-JF67
Level 4 parts and all items	9996-G889-899S
One level 4 part, all items,
 999990 credits		XHP3-Z6P9-5XQT
999,990 credits		1R75-FLVD-FKVC

Power Quest Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Kill With Axe

When you are Axe, an easy way to kill your oponents is to use your slide kick as they get up. if done correctly, your oponent wont have time to atack 'cuase there alaways on the ground.

Level 4 Parts

Defeat the Hyena Gang, then fight the Mad Scientist in his lab. Keep defeating him to earn all the level 4 Parts.

Free Part

Begin a game, but do not enter the shop until reaching the General. Then, enter the shop once and buy a level 1 Part. Defeat the General and continue game play without re-entering the shop. Intentionally lose one time after being asked to go to the Japanese Mansion. Then, return to the shop to be the 10 millionth customer and receive a free Part as a prize.

Getting Credits

Win a fight in the park to collect 20 credits. Win a fight at the school to collect 50 credits. Win a fight at Kung Fu Tower to collect 100 credits. Win a fight at the factory to collect 200 credits. After defeating Ann in the Spring Tournament, search the alley near the stadium to find 5,000 credits. After Louis departs, and the Super Part is earned, search the alley near the school to find 5,000 credits.