Power Rangers Samurai Cheats & Codes

Bonus Passwords (Wii)

  • Unlocks the Red Ranger's Mega Mode : RED1826359
  • Unlocks the Blue Ranger's Mega Mode : BLUE736296
  • Unlocks the Green Ranger's Mega Mode : GREEN85452
  • Unlocks the Yellow Ranger's Mega Mode : YELLOW8649
  • Boosts Deker's power : DEKER77530
  • Unlocks the Gold Ranger's Mega Mode : GOLD842245
  • Unlocks the Pink Ranger's Mega Mode : PINK987326
  • Boosts Ranger Attack : SMASHER000
  • Boosts Ranger Symbol Power : BOW9999950
  • Boosts Ranger Defense : BLADE10001
  • Lengthens Secret Disc spin time : SHOGUN1867
  • Boosts the effects of Health Recovery Items : CYCLE98635
  • Boosts the effects of Symbol Power Recovery Items : CYCLE95627
  • Counter attacks with timed blocking : OCTO729483
  • Boosts power of all Megazords : MEGAZORD56
  • Boosts power of all minor enemies : MORPHER854
  • Power Rangers Samurai Unlockables & Awards

    Unlock All Rangers In All Levels

    To get access to all rangers in any level, you must defeat the bosses at the end of Mission 15 and watch the full credits. You'll have them available the next time you play.

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