Predator: Concrete Jungle Cheats & Codes

Unlimited Health

While playing press X, Y, A(2), X(2), B.

Predator: Concrete Jungle Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Avoid More Mecha's

This only aplies to when you have to kill alot of those cops, first go into camoflage mood and kill the mechas when they are away from the rest of the cops, when you have done that destroy the cop cars with your speargun and then begin a all out massacre on the remaining cops.


This is found in the cubicle next to your galive in the "rescue" mission, it should be easy to find.


This is easy to find.In the mission Borgia Mansion, go up to the house without disabling the second security system. If you run you'll make it. Kill everybody than jump on top of the fountain. You should be able to jump on the roof of the mansion. The speargun is here.


The ritual combistick is found on a roof in the "Dead Men Walking" chapter. Just follow the broken bridge along and scan the area in tech vision and it should stand out.


In the "copycat" mission, they are located on a bridge between two buildings, and can be spotted by standing on the nearby train tracks and scanning in tech vision.


In the chapter after " Come to MOTHER " you will be in what looks like the 1930's. Before you destroy the hologramm generator climb to the roof of the church. If you can't see now,scan in tech vision for geko crawl points. When on the tower scan for tech vision again and you should spot the plasmacaster on the roof behind the tower. Jump as far as you can and you should land on the roof.


The ritual maul is hidden in one of the side rooms in the "rescue" Mission. Grab a soldier and use him to activate the scanner until you find it. Kill the cyborgs that attack you.

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