Pride FC Cheats & Codes

Special Moves

Carlos Newton - Flying Armbar - Standing 
Front Step + Triangle + Square

Murillo "Ninja" Rua - Ninja Knee Combo - Standing 
Front Step + Square, Triangle

Don Frye - Power Uppercut Combo - Standing 
Triangle, Square, Triangle, Triangle

Igor Vovchanchyn - Russian Overhead Punch - Standing 
Front Step + Square

Sakuraba - Flying Punch - Stand & Down Position 
Back Step + Square + X (Close to Opponents Feet)

Matsui - Double Dropkick - Standing 
Front Step + X + Circle

Sakuraba - Flying Stomp - Stand & Down Position

Back Step + Triangle + Circle (Must Be At Opponent's Feet)

Sakuraba - Mongolian Chop - Guard Top 
X + Triangle

Stand up from Guard or Top Mount 
Tap Square + Circle. If in Guardposition, it will allow your opponent to stand 
with you. If done while in Mount it will cause you to take Stand & Down position.

Pride FC Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Do The Triangle Armbar

Choose the fighter Antonio Rodrigo Nogeira and get into the guard and press triangle and 0 and if they escape press triangle and 0 again and he will go for the triangle armbar.

How To Do The Knee With Wanderlei Silva

Get into the clinch position and press triangle and square and he will grab their head and do three knees.