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Cheats for PAL

PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE CODES ONLY WORK FOR THE PAL VERSION OF PRIMAL!!! Hold R1, R2, L1, L2 on any menu screen for a while until a magic codes screen appears. Hold (X) and use the left & right on your control pad to chose the letters.
Invulnerability: DEMONISE
Solum Scenes: SNOWFLIGHT
Aquis Scenes: CHARYBDIS
Aetha Scenes: FLINTLOCK
Volca Scenes: SUNSTONE
All Tarot Cards: ARCANUM
After you have submitted each cheat press (SQUARE) to comfirm the cheat. If the cheat is correct the whole cheat will glow YELLOW! Press triangle to leave the magic codes screen!!

Unlock All Movies Cheat

Press START once to go to the New Game/Load Game/Options screen. Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 for five full seconds to call up the cheat box. To input cheats, you need to highlight a cheat line and hold X. Press LEFT or RIGHT to cycle the letters. Pressing LEFT or RIGHT without holding X will select the next or previous letter. Press SQUARE to activate the cheat, then press TRIANGLE to exit the cheat box. Input OBLIVION on the Bonus E line. This unlocks all movies and makes the lines Bonus A through D useless (they unlock the previous four movies).

God Mode Cheat

If you get tired of having Jen turn into a thirty day special (i.e., die), press START once to go to the New Game/Load Game/Options screen. Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 for five full seconds to call up the cheat box. To input cheats, you need to highlight a cheat line and hold X. Press LEFT or RIGHT to cycle the letters. Pressing LEFT or RIGHT without holding X will select the next or previous letter. Press SQUARE to activate the cheat, then press TRIANGLE to exit the cheat box.

Cheat Mode

At the main menu, bonus materials menu, or options menu, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 for about five seconds to display the code entry screen. Highlight one of the "A" letters in a code, then hold X and press Left or Right to change it. Press Square to accept the completed code. Press Triangle to exit the code entry screen.
Invulnerable cheat: MONSTROUS 
Solum cheat: Unknown 
Aquis cheat: Unknown 
Aetha cheat: Unknown 
Volca cheat: Unknown 
Gallery cheat: TAROT 
Easkill cheat: Unknown 
Bonus A cheat: Unknown 
Bonus B cheat: PRIMAL 
Bonus C cheat: DEMONREALMS 
Bonus D cheat: Unknown 
Bonus E cheat: OBLIVION 

Primal Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Athea: Tarot Card Locations

Card 1: At start, before leaving the keep, there is a matter of a card in the alcove 
below. Walk down the stairs to the lower level, then down a second set of stairs 
and into the building. Look for a treasure chest against the wall directly ahead. 
Open it for the first card. 

Card 2: Go north of Main Square. Before following the peasant, look for a half-
open gate north of the square. Cross the bridge and pass under the archway. 
After defeating the Yaags, look for a chest in the back of the barn containing a 
card. Also, on a nearby porch, Scree can refill his energy at an Energy Fountain. 

Card 3: Once inside the Manor House, climb a ladder to the floor above. In the 
room with the beds, find a chest in the corner. Open it for the card. A barrel also 
has Energy Essence for Scree, if needed. 

Card 4: Get all the way past the dungeons to the Talking Heads. Leave the 
Talking Heads to their jokes and look for a room to the southeast. There is a 
treasure chest against the wall containing a card. One of the nearby barrels has a 

Card 5: Get to after Jen is captured. The northeastern side of the balcony above 
the ballroom has a treasure chest. The card is inside. 

Card 6: Follow the balcony above the Main Courtyard back to the right. As Scree 
heads toward the doorway where he entered the balcony, make a quick stop in the 
northeast corner to the right of the doorway. Scree can climb up the wall 
here, then follow it to the right. Sitting up here between the wall and the roof is a 

Card 7: Get to the Dark Maze. In the easternmost corner of the courtyard, near 
the wall of the building, you will find a card on the ground. 

Volca: Tarot Card Locations

Card 1: Go to the cavern leading to the right wing lever. The card is laying on the 
bank of the lava stream in the northwestern portion of the cavern. 

Card 2: The card is in a treasure chest in the northeast corner of the Lava 
Temple, where the Lava Temple Rift Gate is located. 

Card 3: Get to the Pipe Room. To find the fourth Tarot Card, climb Scree up the 
wall behind the lever and go right and down below. Underneath the lever platform, 
you will find another pipe. Get off the wall and onto the end of this pipe. Walk 
across it until he gets to the card. Card 4: Get to Flame Igniter #2 and Central 
Shaft. Approach the edge of the volcano where Jen hopped the gap (in the Central 
Shaft section). As Scree, lower a rope down the side. Jen can climb down to find 
three rocks on a ledge below. Inside one of the rocks is the fifth card. 

Card 5: Get to Flame Igniter #4. As Jen, shimmy along the wall to the northeast. 
Around the corner is the sixth card.

Card 6: Get to where the Giant Statue is located (burning ropes). Walk 
underneath the sitting statues and look for four chests along the backside of the 
structure. The second chest from the right contains the card. 

Card 7: After the fight with Goliath and the scene with Malikel, when you regain 
control, go southwest into the passageway. The rocks blocking the path contain 
energy essence to refill Scree's energy. One of the rocks in a corner near the 
lava contains the final card. 

Nexus: Tarot Card Locations

Card 1: Look for a doorway on the west side of the Nexus chamber. Follow the passageway down to the lower chamber. There is a Tarot card in a crate at the end of the passageway

End Boss In Aquis

At first you can't beat the boss because every time that you kill him he comes back to life. The object is help out Scree. First take all of the monster's life away and he will start to regenerate. While he is regenerating you have enough time to help scree with turning a valve. By the time you are done helping scree with the valve the monster is back alive. Beat the monster again and after help scree with another valve. Repeat this process until all of the valves are released. After the valves are all open, you can finally kill the monster for good

Getting Through The Strong Current In Aquis

Jen can't swim through the strong current near the bay. The current is near the priming station. Switch so you can control scree. He will be able to walk through the current. As you are walking through, you will see a large boulder on left side. Have scree push the boulder to left so it covers up the large hole in the wall.(you will see bubbles coming out of the hole) After you block the hole with boulder you can switch to jen now she will be able to swim through

Getting Aino Down To The Water

Your first mission with jen in aquis is to get queen aino back into the water. In order to do that you have to find the release valve. The valve is in the Dam area. When you first get to the dam swim forward until you see a large wall that looks climbable for scree. Swim to the top and you will see a portal where scree is able to be pulled out of. Pull him out and switch to using him. You will see a fish like door way that is sealed. Scree will be able to posses the doorway so it will open (make you he has enough power ups) After opening the door the valve is straight ahead, release it and anio will be saved

Saving The Trapped Engineer In Aquis

In order to save the engineer you must first push buttom (blue). It is up and on the other side of the valve. After pushing the button you will see a doorway open up. Go to that door way. You have to switch to scree because once again the current is to strong for jen to swim through. Have scree go all the way until you see a lever. Pull the lever and a walk way will come down from above. Walk up the walkway and find a valve and turn it. After doing that you will see a key, take it. switch to jen and go back to where the engineer is unless she is already there. Pull out scree from the warp rock and switch to scree and put the key in place. (By this time you have turned on many sub-stations you will know where the key goes)

Get 16Volt Interview

Finish Realm of Aetha to unlock it

Get Trailer Video

Finish Realm of Volca to unlock it

Get Actor's Featurette

Finish Realm of Solum to unlock it

Get Making Of Movie

Finish Realm of Aquis to unlock it

Concept Art

Collect the various Tarot Cards in the game to unlock concept art. It is viewable after the first part of the game is completed.