Primal Rage Cheats & Codes

Hidden volleyball game

This is only available in two player mode. When in the Cove (Sauron's stage), either player must perform a combo by completing two quick attacks in succession. Then, two humans will appear and begin to bow. Now the player closest to the human must knock the human into the air. The other player must hit the human back toward his opponent before it hits the ground. The first player should continue to hit the human back to his opponent. After a while, a net and judge will appear, allowing volleyball to be played with humans.

Hidden bowling game

This is only available in two player mode, on any stage. Both players must play as Armadon and perform the Spinning Death (1 + 3, Away, Toward, Down) move simultaneously three times in a row. If done correctly, both players and their worshippers will walk off screen for a bowling game. Humans are used as pins, and the players bowl themselves by using the Spinning Death move.

Skydiving cows

This is only available in two player mode. When in the Ruins (Chaos' stage), one player must be playing as Chaos in a Sudden Death round. Then, allow the match timer run down to about two to three seconds. Now the player using Chaos must perform the Fart of Fury move (2 + 3, Toward, Up, Away) so that the cloud remains in the air after time expires. If done correctly, the falling meteors will turn into falling cows.

Color change

When selecting your character, press X and Circle, Square, or Triangle.