Prince Of Persia 3D Cheats & Codes

Level Select

Load the game with one of the following command lines, then select "New Game" to start at the corresponding level. Note: The game cannot be completed normally once this method is used. Each level must be loaded with the same method to continue or else the game will load level two after the current level is completed. pop3d.exe -l "geometry oomsprisonfix" pop3d.exe -l "geometry oomsivorytwr" pop3d.exe -l "geometry oomscistern" pop3d.exe -l "geometry oomspalace2" pop3d.exe -l "geometry oomspalace3" pop3d.exe -l "geometry oomspalace4" pop3d.exe -l "geometry ooms oof1" pop3d.exe -l "geometry oomscityanddocks" pop3d.exe -l "geometry oomsdirig1a" pop3d.exe -l "geometry oomsdirig1b" pop3d.exe -l "geometry oomsdirig2" pop3d.exe -l "geometry oomsdirigfinale" pop3d.exe -l "geometry ooms uins" pop3d.exe -l "geometry oomscliffs" pop3d.exe -l "geometry oomssolar1" pop3d.exe -l "geometry oomsmoontemple" pop3d.exe -l "geometry oomsfinale"