Prinny 2 Unlockables & Awards

Operation V-Panties Bonus Level

To unlock the bonus level (Operation V-Panties), you must first unlock EVERY Netheraward. Then talk to the Tutorial Manager and hit Triangle until he says something new (over 100 times).

Bonus Stage: Overlord Priere

You need 36 Lucky Dolls

Bonus Stage: Ball Tower

You need 70 Lucky Dolls

Bonus Stage: Etna Boss Battle

You need 100 Lucky Dolls

Unlock Asagi Wars Mode

To get it, you need to get all the Asagi Tickets in every town stage.

Unlock Prinny Laharl

Start a new gam and then play Stages: 3, 1, 5. Then go to the balcony for the battle.

Unlock Prinny Asagi

Load the "Clear Data" and then play Stage: 4, 2, 3 and then go to Balcony for battle.