Prison Tycoon: Alcatraz Cheats & Codes

Unlimited $ Using Cheat Engine 6.0 (32-bit)

Download Cheat Engine 6. 0 from When I first loaded Prison Tycoon Alcatraz I added $30,000 cash, then I hit Esc and paused the game. After pausing the game I pressed the 'Windows' key on the keyboard to get back to the main Windows 7 desktop. Clicked on 'Start' and loaded Cheat Engine 6. . After loading Cheat Engine, directly under the 'File' menu there is a flashing icon. Click on it and it shows a list of executables currently loaded & you'll see something like '0000-1580alcatraz. Exe'. Double-click on that and and next to where it says Hex (DO NOT check the box) type 30000 (no comma) then click 'First Scan'. On the left there will be a listing of 12 or more values. Double-Click on the first one, and the box at the bottom will show the whole value 'No Desc', Address', 'Type', 'Value'. Only double-click where it says 30000 and change it to 1000000 or whatever # you want, but nothing outrageous like 999999999999999999, it won't fit in the game. Then click on all the Values listed in the left box like you did with the first one and change them all to the same number. MAKE SURE IT'S THE SAME #. When you're done, just click the 'X' in the top right corner of the Cheat Engine 6. . Then click on the Prison Tycoon that should still be in the taskbat minimized and look at your sudden wealth! That's all for now, It seems to work, I got the game because it looked cool, but don't know anything about after effects of the cheat code and saving the games or do I know anything about how to play the game. Still figuring it out, but I did find when placing Weights, or beds in the cell blocks the 'Space Bar' will change the direction of how they're placed.