Prototype Cheats & Codes

Unlockable:body Surf

To unlock a new ability called "body surf"navigate to the cheats menu (under "extras" in the main menu) enter this code right, right, left, down, up, up, up, down.

Prototype Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Power's Animations

Like the animation when you first unlocked skills in the tutorial? Well, you can do it again:
a. Press '3' (without quotes) on the keyboard (not the numpads) to animate the shell armor
b. Press '4' to animate the infected vision
c. Press '2' to animate combat skills*
*press 'r' (without quotes) to change skills (you must see the normal transformation) then form back and press '2' to animate the skills. sorry for the english.

Surviving The Beasts

Overall, you will need to keep moving to best the beasts. Your mobility to climb walls and move really fast is the best defense I have found, In the same scene, when being attacked by helicopters you can use the fast run, super jumps and glide to escape to save yourself. If your health is running low and you are under attack, which is usually the case, don't forget to grab up someone on the run to absorb some health. Case note:When fighting the super beast/ (boss)monster that erupts from the streets towards the final section, you can go around corners to not be hit as she, yes she, will throw chunks of pavement and health draining green orbs at you. The green orbs drop your health very rapidly! When surviving the boss monster and hiding around corners you will be rushed by sub creatures. Use the "Whip Fist" to drop them and retrieve their health modules. There is a limit in the battle area when fighting the super boss so don't go too far away. You will get a warning that you are leaving the battle area. That is the only time you will have a limited battle zone except when in specific mission buildings- (story line missions).

Prototype Unlockables & Awards

Platinum Events

To unlock the Platinum (and some of the "Radical" events), you just need to get a Gold ranking in all events.

New Game+ Mode

After you complete Story Mode, you can then replay all the Story Mode sections with all of your previously unlocked powers and upgrades. Game+ Mode is for the difficulty you completed story mode (and lower difficulties).

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