Puddle Unlockables & Awards

Achievement: Eating Is Cheating (15)

Don't trigger any nausea during the Slightly Acid level.

Achievement: Every Drop Matters (20)

Finish a level with exactly the right amount of liquid.

Achievement: Gold Rush (20)

Earn 48 gold medals.

Achievement: Green Peace (15)

Push the second bulb inside the sundews without letting the particles fall inside.

Achievement: Make Yourself Scarce (10)

Take the shortcut in the level Wastewater.

Achievement: Quack-quack (20)

It's time for the crash test.

Achievement: Roundabout (15)

Finish the Nova level by only turning in one direction.

Achievement: Say "truck" (15)

Make sure your firetruck remains undamaged.

Achievement: Souvenir (15)

Keep your glass ball intact in the Tahiti level.

Achievement: The Wages Of Fear (15)

Finish a level after at least 10 nitroglycerine explosions.

Achievement: Total Reaction (25)

Finish all levels.

Achievement: Waiter (15)

Keep all your liquid in the tank from the 2011 vintage level.