Pure Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Best Special Trick Map

I say the best map to do special tricks on is Tonga Crater. My record is 10 special tricks in 1 lap.

Know How To Set Up Your ATV According To The Environment.

Once I started playing pure in different maps, I realized that the -Tires- are the most important part of the ATV when it comes to environment. Because of the different sets of tires, I learned that every specific tire set works different than the other. Which is important to study the way the tires function in dirt, sand, mud, and ice (Only a certain map). I hope this is useful to your World Tour Racing career :).

Pure Unlockables & Awards

Unlock ATV Shells

Finish in first place in all events in World Tour mode in the tenth stage to unlock alternate ATV shells for each character.

Want even more Pure Cheats?

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