Quake Cheats & Codes

Complete Code List

Enter the console, then type in the cheats.

Code		Result

Crosshair 1 		Crosshairs 
Fov X 		Increases peripheral vision (where x is your field of 
Give #x 		Weapon #x - 3=shotgun, 4=nailgun, etc..  
Give C #x 		x # cells 
Give H #x 		x # health 
Give N #x 		x # of nails 
Give S #x 		x # of shells 
Give R #x 		x # of rockets 
God 		God Mode 
Impulse1 		Shotgun 
Impulse2 		Super Shotgun 
Impulse3 		Nailgun 
Impulse4 		Chain Nailgun 
Impulse5 		Grenade Launcher 
Impulse6 		Rocket Launcher 
Impulse9 		All Weapons 
Impulse252 	Pentagram of Protection (30 seconds) 
Impulse253 	Ring of Shadows (30 seconds) 
Impulse254 	Bio-suit (30 seconds) 
Impulse255 	Quad Damage mode 
Kill 		Commit suicide - restart level 
map e#m# 		Level Warp 
Map End 		Takes you to last level 
Noclip 		Walk through walls 
Notarget 		Invisible to enemies 
R_Fullbright 1 	Everything is bright 
sv_gravity ### 	Sets gravity to ###  
Version 		Version information 

Quake Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Secret Skill Level

If you have mastered easy, medium, and hard, you might want to try nightmare skill. Nightmare skill is a hidden skill that is extremely difficult. To access this skill go to the Elder World entrance and jump into the water on the side, then let him fall. If you're lucky, you'll land on a wooden trail. Then keep going forward until you see the doorway. Go into the door, go forward then turn left and jump into the hot lava portal. This will return you to the main introduction room.

Fly Mode

Get to the command screen and type in fly.


Get to the command screen and type in god. Now you are invincible.(Note, you will have to type this code over for every level)