R.U.S.E. Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Produce More Money!

If you start the game online or offline. Put NPC or computer to play with you. Than choose a map (make sure its medium or small not large because its hard to get more supply's). Press the "START" button. When the game start, build the administrative building first then make the supply trucks to go to the nearest supply depot. Keep doing the same when you reach 1 hundred dollars get another administrative building and keep doing it over.

How To Win Very Quickly (must Download A DLC Pack)

If you get the DLC (download content) you get a Nuclear and War mode and three new map. Start a new game, Click nuclear mode. Than click start. When the game start. Make a nuclear base. (It may take 50 sec or 1 minute to complete). When done get the Nuclear Long Tom. Wait for it to complete. Make at least 4 Long Tom Nuclear Arty. Have fun and enjoy the "BOOM" of the Nuclear Arty.

How To Get A Super Pershing

You must have a U-PLAY account. Then you get a super Pershing.

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