Radiata Stories Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Money 2

Once you first get into the Radiata Knights and your in your room. Go outside the room and there will be a guard to your left. If you kick him repeatedly you will get 1 dagol each time. You can keep kicking him as long as needed to get the amount of money needed.

Dagolian Bug

First take the mission from Theatre Vancoor that has to do with a goblin cemetery. You will have to go near the dwares. Once you enter the clouded area where you have to go (this will be in a jungle area) if you look closely there is a gold bug thing on the floor behind a tree. Kick it and beat it. The result is little experience but you get 8888 dagols so XD. Oh and make sure your at least level 20 cause it is a hard mission.

Easy Money

Once you get kicked out of the Radiata Knights and get your own place, every time you save and go to sleep you can kick the bag near your house (to your right) and you get an empty bottle. They are only worth 25 dagols but still.