Rage Of Mages Cheats & Codes

Item Names

Use one of the following entries with the #create code.
none cap
none cape
none cloak
none dress
none gloves
none hat
none robe
none shoes
very rare crystal amulet
very rare crystal axe
very rare crystal cuirass
very rare crystal mace
very rare crystal long sword
very rare crystal morning star
very rare crystal plate boots
very rare crystal plate bracers
very rare crystal plate cuirass
very rare crystal plate helm
very rare crystal pike
very rare crystal ring
very rare crystal scale gauntlets
very rare crystal two handed axe
very rare crystal two handed sword
very rare crystal war hammer
very rare dragon leather boots
very rare dragon leather bracers
very rare dragon leather gauntlets
very rare dragon leather helm
very rare dragon leather large shield
very rare dragon leather mail
very rare dragon leather small shield

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [Enter] for the "Chat" feature, then type "#Chicken" 
to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes:


God mode  			#modify self +god
God mode  			#modify army +god
All spells  			#modify self +spells
Extra gold  			#create [amount]   gold
Kill all enemy units  		#killall
Instant victory in current round  	#victory
Pick all sacks (except for
 those in units)  		#pickup all
Display entire map  		#show map
Hides map  			#hide map
Show conversations from units  	#event [number]
Obtain special weapon  		#create Very Rare Crystal Two Handed 
Magic gloves for mage to
 increase air skill  		#create None Gloves

Rage Of Mages Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Unlimited Money

Win a mission, and when the "Victory!/Continue" screen appears, choose "Continue". Pick up all the sacks that you did not got yet and save the game. After that, press two times on your money. A screen asking how many money you want to drop will appear. Enter a negative number, for example -1000000000, and you will gain that amount.