Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield Cheats & Codes

God Mode

During game play press the ~ key and type god.

Player Invisibility

Hit the ~ and type in playerinvisible. You will be able to go undetected by the terrorist.

Cheat Codes

Level select - unlock all 
Invincibility for player - god 
Invincibility for team - godteam 
Invincibility for terrorists - godterro 
Invincibility for hostages - godhostage 1 
Invincibility for hostages disabled - godhostage 2 
Activates all the god modes - godall 
Full ammunition - fullammo 
Toggle third person view - behindview [0 or 1] 
Flight mode - ghost 
Disable flight mode - walk 
Record demo of current game - demorec [filename] 
Stops demo recording - stopdemo 
Play indicated demo - demoplay [filename] 
Mission objectives are updated; game never ends - toggleunlimitedpractice 
Walk through other actors - togglecollision 
View threat information - togglethreatinfo 
Neutralize all terrorists - neutralizeterro 
Disarm all bombs - disarmbombs 
Deactivate IO devices (phones, laptop, etc.) - deactivateiodevice 
Rescue all hostages - rescutehostage 
Disable morality rules - disablemorality 
Call all terrorists to your location - callterro 
Toggle player detection by terrorists - playerinvisible 
All terrorists surrender on sight - tsurrender 
Terrorists shoot wildly when they see you - tsprayfire 
All terrorists aim and fire at you - taimedfire 
All terrorists run away from you - trunaway 
All terrorists return to original no threat state - tnothreat 
See where all terrorists have spawned on map - rendspot 
Toggle hostage threat information - togglehostagethreat 
Set the hostage position (0 for standing, 1 for kneeling, 2 for prone, 3 for fetal, 4 for crouched, 5 for random) - sethpos [0-5] 
Reset hostages threat - resetthreat 
Play next hostage animation - hna 
Play previous hostage animation - hpa 
Play animation of hostage (0 for no loop, 1 for looping) - hp [0 or 1] 
Show field of view of all actors - showfov 
Show weapon direction of all actors - gundirection 
Show where terrorists and hostages have moved on map - route 
Show all routes that terrorists and hostages take - routeall 
Kill and remove all NPCs - killthemall 
Kill and remove all terrorists - killterro 
Kill and remove all hostages - killhostage 
Kill all Rainbow operatives - killrainbow 
Kill and remove opponents - killpawns 
Game modes - sgi 
Rainbow Six version multi-player mode - rainbowskill 
All enemies will attack (music) - pago 
Resets all cheats - resetmeall 
Quit game - quit 
Unknown - getmode 
Unknown - rotateme 
Unknown - listzone

Unlock All Levels

On the main menu, press ~ and type in 'unlock all'. All levels will then be unlocked

Hostage God

During gameplay press ~ and type "godhostage"

Ghost Team

During game play press ~ and type ghostteam you will then be able to go through walls and fly

Team God

During single player game play press the tilde key (~, to the left of the 1/! key) to bring down the console then type in teamgod.