Raptor Cheats & Codes

Level Select

Press a key that corresponds to a specific sector, followed by the key that corresponds to a specific level at the sector screen.

Z	Bravo
X	Tango
Y	Other regions


Q	1
W	2
E	3
R	4
T	5
Y	6
U	7
I	8
O	9

Cheat Mode

Before loading the game, enter the game's directory and type SET S_HOST=CASTLE (case-sensitive) at the command line. Then, type "rap" to load the game. Now all weapons, $900,000, infinite health, and five bombs will be available when the game begins.

Raptor Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Mission Skip

Enable the "Cheat mode" code and start a mission. Press [Esc] and select "Yes" to abort the mission. Then, enter the mission again and abort, but select "No" this time. Now the game will end the mission and return to the hangar screen. Play the mission to jump to the next mission.

Death Ray And Full Health

During a mission, press [Backspace]. Note: Enabling this code will bring your total money to zero.

Alternate Opponents

Before starting the game, change the date to May 16 of any year. Then while playing a game, laser shooting cows and barrels will appear.

Items Available

Before starting the game, change the date to May 16 of any year. Then, click once on the plus/minus sign on the game menu (Bravo, Tango, etc).

Unlimited Money

Select a mission that has a weapon other than the standard lasers as equipment. Then, abort the mission and sell the weapon. Now repeat this process to earn an unlimited amount of money.