Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Beat Luna

When you fight luna you must have your shock rockets. press r2 or l2 to straffe and go around the blade and after you use all your skock rockets use your dual lancers.

Lots Of Bolts

On planet Metallis, if you have the polarizer, there will be an area around your ship closed off. (A pipe). There is an area where you can use the polarizer and the door will open. Just travel through that area and there will be a circle with lots of bolt boxes. It works best in challenge mode with the bolt multiplier.

Muno Easy Beat

Upgrade your acid bomb to lv.4, scorcher lv.4 use your acid bomb 1st than scorcher.

Winning Smasher

When you are fighting smasher, don't hit in front of him, only when his back is to you, and you will bounce off and you will win.

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters Unlockables & Awards

Unlock Big Headed Giant Clank

Collect 1 Skill Point.

Unlock Big Headed Clank

Collect 3 Skill Points.

Unlock Big Headed Ratchet

Collect 5 Skill Points.

Unlock She's On Fire!

Collect 7 Skill Points.

Unlock More Cowbell

Collect 8 Skill Points.

Unlock Mirrored Levels

Collect 10 Skill Points.

Unlock Super Bloom

Collect 12 Skill Points.

Unlock Big Headed Enemies

Collect 14 Skill Points.

Weapon Switching

Collect 16 Skill Points.

Unlock Bolt Confusion

Collect 20 Skill Points.

Unlock Hardcore Mode

Collect 24 Skill Points.

Unlock Mooo!

Collect 24 Skill Points.

Unlock Old Timey

Collect 24 Skill Points.

Unlock Climb The Treehouse

Collect 25 Skill Points.

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