Raw Danger Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Fun Things To Do

Okay, while you are playing as Josh (while in the underground hotel and BEFORE you save Stephanie, go into the main room where the party was and go up onto the stage and yell into the microphone that is turned on. It will echoe and something interesting happens :) Hope you find this random tidbit fun!

Amber Brazils Endings

See after you get the disc that David left you go up the ladder and save before you go outside. When that is done you go outside and see Aidan Chase. When he says "what have you found" then say what you think. After that you will find out that Aidan murdered your brother. Then he will grab you hostage and say what you want. Then trees will fall an you will have to cling onto something. Then cling on to what Aidan is after that, he will be hanging on the ledge. Then say what you want to Aidan. Then if your not satisfied with you epilogue exit the game and load. Then try again.

The Human Compass

So this is while you are playing Josh, in the banquet hall before the disaser stricks: Go stand behind the stands and yell (this will cause the entire hall to tell you to shut up). After the scolding, you should see a man in the back of the crowd (while standing behind the stands, you should be able to spot him through the crack, if not, walk around for a while and you should be able to find him). I'm not sure if this was a one-time glitch or an over game flaw, but it is hilarious! The man will follow you, turning his entire body to track your movements. And there you have it: the human compass.

Tv Tower

It was out of desperation that I went to another site and found this hint. On the last part of the game when your player Josh is leaving the sinking GEO City and you make it to the TV Tower after taking the disk from the dying man go run to the top of the tower (don't worry about stopping to pick up anything that you might see you wont need it) Once you make it to the top of the tower start running ASAP until you make it to the center part of the tower once you make it there HOLD ON. Once there it will cut to a video clip and Josh is saved.