Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Beat Lum Lord

When he shoots at you, jump and fly. When he is tired, power-up and shoot at him.

Shooting Technique

To avoid button-mashing fatigue, lock-on to target and hop from left to right taking only two shots before hopping back again. Continue process back and forth. You will avoid fireballs and continue to keep your gauge rising.

Secret Area Bog Of Murk Level

In the area where you fight Hoodlums on a boat, swing from the Lockjaw and helicopter past their boat to one just past it. The boat will take you to a tree hollow filled with jewels.

Secret Area The Summit Level

In the area where you dodged the snowball you will have to jump on balloons at the top of the mountain. Locate an area with lots of trees and fly towards it and through them. An abandoned mine lies beyond the trees.

Defeat Spinning Guy First Level

Continue fighting character until you receive a red can, then fully charge your punch and let him have it. This method will come in handy in later levels as well.

Use Electric Grapple Hook

Use B to shoot your grapple hook at the enemy, (once you've locked on to him with R) then press B repeatedly and the chain will glow blue defeating the enemy quickly.

Extra Energy

Your maximum energy is increased for every six cages collected. Note: There are a total of 60 cages in the game.

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