Rayman Advance Cheats & Codes

Pick A Level

Pause the game and press: up, left, right, left, up, L.

Continue Game

Press Up, Down, Right, Left, Start at the continue screen after no lives or continues are remaining to resume gameplay.

Have 99 Lives

Pause the game and press Left, Right, Down, Right, Left, R

Have All Items

Pause the game and press R, Up, Left, Right, Left, L

Have Every Power

Pause the game and press Down, Left, Right, Left, Up, L


Pause the game and press Right, Up, Right, Left, Right, R

Restore Health

While playing press start. Then press L button, down, left, up, down then R button.

Unlock All Levels

Pause the game and press Up, Left, Right, Down, Right, L The levels circles won't be visible but you can get to them.

Rayman Advance Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

No Evil Rayman

In Candy Chateau Stage 2, Evil Rayman first appears by collecting the spark in front of you when you start. Back off when you begin, than run, jump, and helicopter over the spark. Make sure don't touch it. Now you can make your away through the level without Evil Rayman!