Razor Freestyle Scooter Cheats & Codes

Unlock Everything

While playing the game press start, then press right, down, right, left, right, up, right, right. A message will appear if you enter it right.

Daryl Backside Boneless

Press Down, Triangle at the lip of a ramp.

Daryl Backflip

Press Down(2), Square.

Daryl Bluenose

Press Up, Right, Circle.

Chad Rock and Roll

Press Up, Triangle at the lip of a ramp.

Chad No-Footed Backflip

Press Down(2), Square.

Chad Frontflip

Press Up(2), Square.

Ami Tap Barspin

Press Down, Triangle at the lip of a ramp.

Ami Around the World

Press Left(2), Square

Ami Backflip

Press Down(2), Square.

Cheat Mode

Pause the game and press Right, Down, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right(2) to unlock everything in the game.

Razor Freestyle Scooter Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Shortcut In The Mall

When you are racing in the mall go past the pool until the path splits. Go up the right side (You will need to grind up the rail) until you get to the stairs. When you get to the start of the stairs jump on the side to the left (you have to jump on the part going down) and turn until you get to the space. Jump off and go up the stairs.

Big Spins And Big Points Glitch

At the school on the halfpipe. Bust a trick and just as you are about to land. Press the stop button (I think its O) And then all the sudden your just sitting there. Start spinning. Dont try to bust another move because youll stop the glitch. Just spin untill you get tired of spinning.

Play As Santa Claus

Go to the clock tower and get everything (as in wheels, points, and grind all the feet). After your done turn off the console and on again and chose Santa.

Play as Daryl

Successfully complete the game with all 20 wheels.

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