Real War Cheats & Codes

Full Supply

To get full supply: hold ctrl + left arrow + F9 and press S.

Remove Fog Of War

To remove fog of war, Press and hold: CTRL + Right Arrow + F

Laser M16s

Go to the landing field and put the arrow on it. Type in mi2 and a bomb sound will be heard.

Real War Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Unit Weakness

Unit Weakness
Tactical Nukes           ILA Mobile GTA  
ILA Mobile GTA           US Stealth Bomber 
ALL Boats                ILA and US subs  
ILA and US Subs          Sub-hunter Helicopters 
Infantry                 Anything on wheels 

Campaign1 (Usa)

This hint is for real war campaign missions one for US. Right when you start go to your cruisers (3). Immediatly move the bottom cruiser behind the others. Within 3 minutes the ILA will send about 6 rafts with terrosists on a suicide mission to destroy your fleet. Next while all this is going on they will simultaneously attack you with all the forces they have(They've got a lot of APC's) (amored perrsonel carrier). These can fire upon you and they retain armor. Elimante them one by one(only if your willing to lose some of your army!) but don't worry after the APC's all they've got is Infantry. So slowly gather all your soldiers except your rocket infantry, and go around and kill(one by one with your group of soldiers) all their men. Finnaly build your 2 power generators and supply depot to your dock and presto! You've completed this mission.