Redneck Rampage Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, enter one of the following codes:


All guns [Note]		rdguns
All inventory items		rdinventory
All keys			rdkeys
All keys, ammo, and health	rdall
All items			rditems
Toggle debug mode		rddebug
Display coordinates		rdyerat
Toggle monsters		rdmonsters
Toggle moonshine mode		rdmoonshine
Toggle clipping mode		rdclip
Toggle full map		rdshowmap
Toggle all locks		rdunlock
Change difficulty level		rdskill[skill number]
Level select			rdmeadow[episode number 1-2][map 	
			 number 01-07]
Alternate level select		rdfuckngo[episode number 1-2][map 	
			 number 01-07]
Display framerate		rdrate
External view		rdview
Toggle invincibility		rdelvis or rdhounddog
Shoot feathers		rdcluk
"Eat me!" message		rdbeta
"For your grandpa!" message	rdrafael
"Elvis is dead" message		rdhounddog
"You were all wrong" message	rdteachers
"Maxx rules" message		rdmaxx
Remove aiming feature on guns	rdtime

Note: After this code has been enabled, type 99 for bowling ball mode.