Redneck Rampage Rides Again Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, enter one of the following codes:

rdhounddog or rdelvis		Toggle God mode
rdall			All guns, ammo, items, and keys
rdmeadow[episode x][level xx]	Level select
rdskill[skill level]		Set skill level
rditems or rdmikael		All items
rdguns			All guns
rdkeys			All keys
rdinventory			Full inventory
rdclip			Toggle clip mode
rdcritters			Toggle monster respawning
rdshowmap			Toggle full map
rdyerat			Toggle coordinates
rdview			Toggle use of [F7] for view mode
rdunlock			Toggle lock
rdrate			View frame rate
rdteachers			Display "You Were All Wrong!" message
rdrafael			Display "For You Grandpa!" message
rdmoonshine		Moonshine
rdjoseph			Motorcycle
rdgreg, rddonut, or rdarijit	Boat
rdmrbill			Increase damage
rdrhett			Commit suicide
rddebug			Toggle debug mode
rdnoah			Toggle alternate debug display
rdaaron			Mushroom mode
rdkfc			Chicken mode
rdwoleslagle			Toggle drunk mode
rdnocheat			Disable all cheats
rdtime			Unknown
rdcluck			Unknown
rdtony			Unknown
rdgary			Unknown
rdvan			Unknown