Reign of Fire Cheats & Codes

Level Select

Press Up, Left, Circle(2), Left(2), Square, Down, Up, Circle at the main menu.

Level Skip

Press Square, Triangle, Left, Down, Right, Triangle, Right, Up, X during game play.


Press X, Triangle, Right, Left, Circle, Up, Down (2), Right, Circle(2) during game play.

Extra Damage

Press X, Triangle, Right, Up, Right, Triangle, Circle, Right during game play.

Burn Everything

Press Square, Triangle, Left, Down, Square, Circle during game play.

Goat Mode

Press Triangle, Right, Left(2), Circle, Triangle, Square, Right, Up during game play.

Reign of Fire Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Ashes To Ashes: Killing The Male

The easiest way to kill the male is to hit the head with the tank bombs. Keep doing this and he will run away. Chase him and defeat him.

Dragons Termimus: Easy Completion

Power up your spit fire at the beginning. Shoot the very first with some charged fire balls to destroy it, then do the same to the back. The train will then stop. Free the dragons and destroy the rest of the train with your dragon friends.

Fallen Angels: Easy Completion

Go straight to the road immediately and follow it until you reach the helicopter. You will be instructed to stay with the convoy but it does not matter. Go there and wait for the convoy to arrive. This may take a while. While you are there, you need to protect yourself from the dragons, however this is easy. When the convoy arrives, you have to protect it. Then, lead them back on the road.

Beat The Last Level

Go to where the last dragon is on the map and kill it first. Take the egg and kill the second dragon. Kill the last dragon, that way you can get to the base before time runs out.

Dragon Missions

Beat half of the human missions to get the Dragon Missions.

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