Resident Evil 5 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

A Good Way To Save Ammo And Defeat Zombies And Bosses

Good Way To Save Much Ammo:
1. First hit with 1 shot zombies were they are mostly like to be stumbled like arm, leg etc.
2. Then go near them and hit them with knife in their head to kill them fast
3. Boom! Zombie dead without wasting much ammo.
Another Way To Kill Zombies:
1. Hit zombies with shots mainly on their head to kill them.
The Way To Kill Bosses:

Mainly when bosses come, That particular area has something or the other which can be blasted off like barrels or electrical boxes. So use these as a weapon to defeat bosses. I'll give you an example:
When the Chainsaw boss arrives there are 3 or 4 barrels and one electrical box, so when the boss is coming running towards u, you can shoot the barrels when he is near them, there will be a blast which will decrease his health, if you do it with the box and barrels again you can easily defeat them.

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