Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Block Puzzle

In Alexia's lab, the machine where you need to input 4 shapes, the order is this. AA, the crown, the heart, and then the spade. After that make sure you have the block to put in the drawer so you don't have to go all the way back to the item box.

Swap Guns Between Claire And Chris

In order to beat the final boss: Alexia (If you are low on ammo with Chris) you should swap guns at a certain part of the game. When you play as Claire when she goes to look for Steve, the first thing you should do is leave all your heavy weapons in the chest like the assault rifle, grenade launcher, M100-P and the BOW gun with explosive arrows because on the way to Steve the only enemies are tentacles and zombies and you should have plenty of ammo for riding of them. This will make life much easier if you want to progress threw the game quicker.

How To Beat Nosferatu

Nosferatu is a very easy boss to defeat. When you start off walk up to steve at the stairs and a cut-scene appears. You see Nosferatu walking up the stairs. He knocks Steve off the side and you must fight him. Start by making a distance between you both then equip your Sniper Rifle and zoom in on him. Make sure all 7 of these shots count or else your dead. Aim in on the exposed area of his chest and shoot at his heart. This will take great damage to him making the fight much easier. When your out of ammo equip your grenade launcher and move closer to him. Make sure you dont go close to the edge because if Nosferatu uses his tentacle to swipe at you you will slide and if your to close you will fall off the edge and die. Keep firing at him until he is dead or you are out of ammo. If he isn't dead by now take out your BOW gun and just fire at him until he falls and is gone(Don't worry about your bow ammo because you switch to Chris and dont use it much anymore).

Hot To Beat Alexia

Alexia is the hardest boss in Code:Veronica and it will take all of your skill and ammo to beat her.When you verse Alexia's first form it is very easy to kill her. When you start run away from her and make a little distance between both of you. Then take out your magnum and fire at her until she drops to the ground. You will know that shes dead when she falls down on her knees and the fire evaporates. Pick up her dimond near the stairs and head out the door. When you leave she will get back up. When you reach the end of the game after entering the code you will fight her final form. For this you either need the magnum,AK-47,or Dual Sub-Machine Guns to kill her. When you start move to Chris's right into the corner and take out either your AK-47 or your Sub-Machine Guns and fire at her until your out of ammo. And remember while your shooting her to periodicaly check that no sub-creatures are near you. When your out of ammo with either gun you used, take out the magnum and fire away until a cut-scene comes up where alexia starts to fly around and spit fire at you. Grab the Linear launcher, wait until she stops then shoot her once and when you hit her you beat the game!

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