Resident Evil Deadly Silence Cheats & Codes

Infinitie Ammo

During game play press R, R, L, L, X, X, Y, A, B, you will hear a sound.

Resident Evil Deadly Silence Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Versus And Co-op Recommended Characters

Mansion Co-Op: Chris Redfield
Guardhause Co-Op: Barry Burton
Laboratory Co-Op: Rebecca Chambers
Mansion Versus: Kenneth J. Sullivan (He just works for me)
Guardhouse Versus: Albert Wesker
Laboratory Versus: Richard Aiken

Spitting Zombie Revenge In Rebirth Mode

When a zombie start spitting, blow into the microphone to send it back to them.

Resident Evil Deadly Silence Unlockables & Awards

Unlock The Rocket Launcher

Complete the game in less than three hours. Then start another game from your saved game file. You will begin with the Rocket Launcher in your inventory.

Unlock Rebecca Chambers In Multiplayer

Successfully complete rebirth mode with Chris to unlock Rebecca Chambers.

Unlock Forest Speyer In Multiplayer

Successfully complete Classic mode with Jill to unlock Forest Speyer.

Unlock Enrico Marini in Multiplayer

Successfully complete all Co-Op levels in Multiplayer mode to unlock Enrico Marini.

Albert Wesker In Multiplayer

Albert Wesker can be unlocked for multiplayer mode if you beat the Master of Knifing mini games as Jill.

Unlock Master Of Knifing

Beat the game once in rebirth mode to unlock the 5 level mini game master of knifing.

Barry Burton

Beat Rebirth Mode with Jill Valentine.

Unlock Nemisis

At the the church follow the track of blood you will hear him keep saying "S.T.A.R.S" and as soon as you turn around he will start chasing you.