Resident Evil Outbreak: File #2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Escaping As Yoko Or Her 4 Advanteges

While using yoko (you may think shes weak and all)but did you know she has 4 advantages
1:her knapsack helps her carry more items (4 to be exact)useful when in scenarios like "decisions, decisions" and others
2:her virus gauge goes the slowest (but I still suggest you use anti viruses just in case)
3:when in a tough crowd of zombies or enemies hunters lickers etc. Or even bosses she can crawl (literally)out of trouble
4:her shooting is versatile (they said it in the wiki)meaning shes great in shooting I hope this helps.

Rocket Launcher in "End of The Road"

On the last scenario, if you do not get washed away with Linda, this will come in handy to defeat Nyx. Otjerwise, use it on the tyrant. After you go by the wrecked version of main street, you will see an alley with a window in it. In this window on EASY MODE, there is a rocket launcher. on other modes, I am unsure. People who have played the first game will recognize this as where there was a Magnum in the first scenario.

Extra Items

To get 4 extra items on the police station level, all you have to do is find the films A-D and return them to Ben. You must find all the jewel plates to do so. Ben's items may or may not be useful.

50cal. Pistol

To this high powered pistol get Kevin and go to Desperate Times. When it loads go up the stairs on your left (by the entrance door). Go through the BROWN door. There will be a zombie so hurry and go through the door by the phones. Next walk by the desks there should be a 9mm pass it and open a drawer by a lamp. If it opens you should have the 50cal. pistol. (NOTE if your on normal mode it will have ammo, but on any other difficulty it will NOT have AMMO).