Resident Evil: Survivor 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


Successfully complete all the dungeon missions, including Inferno mission 7, to unlock Rodrigo with only a combat knife in dungeon mode.

Better Partner

Successfully complete the game to raise your partner level to 4 in arcade mode. Complete the game a second time to raise your partner level to 8 in arcade mode.

Chris Redfield

Successfully complete Inferno mission 6 to unlock Chris Redfield with a Linear Launcher with infinite ammunition in dungeon mode.

Panzerfaust EX

Successfully complete the game in Vs. Roach mode to unlock the Panzerfaust EX in Vs. Roach Mode with infinite ammunition.

Vs. Roach Mode

Successfully complete the first mission in dugeon mode to unlock Vs. Roach mode.

Secret Report

Collect all the messages in each level to unlock the Secret Report.