Resistance: Retribution Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Using The Shotgun Online

First off if you are using the shotgun you probably know that it takes four shots to kill someone online. So instead of firing both barrels and then waiting until you can shoot again and then shooting fire the single barell twice and then fire both barrels.

Resistance: Retribution Unlockables & Awards

Longbow 1S-1K

Collect all Retribution Intel to unlock the weapon "Longbow 1S-1K".

HE .44 Magnum

Collect all 67 pieces of intel to unlock the weapon "HE. 44 Magnum".

XR-004 Allure

Collect all Cloven Lore Intel to unlock the weapon "XR-004 Allure".

Plasma Grenade

Collect all Secrets of the Maquis Intel to unlock the weapon "Plasma Grenade".