Ridge Racer Cheats & Codes

Bonus cars

During the Galaga game that appears during the loading time, destroy all the ships to have eight additional cars available. If done correctly, the word "Perfect" will appear on the Galaga screen.

Bonus tracks

Complete all four tracks in first place for access to four additional tracks. The new tracks are reverse versions of the original tracks.

Drive the Galaxian 13 car (black Lamborghini)

Finish first place in the first four tracks. Then, play the Time Trial track again and beat the Galaxian 13 by finishing first, and not hitting anything.

Control the flag

At the title screen, hold L1 + R1 or L2 + R2 and use the D-pad and other controller buttons to rotate and resize the flag. Press Start for a transparent flag.

Spinning cars and tracks

At the car and level selects screens, hold L1 or R1 to rotate them.

Reverse tracks

Start the race, then immediately turn around and drive towards the wall at the starting line at full speed. Now a reverse version of the track will appear after your car passes through the wall.

Play your own CD

At the title screen, replace the game disc with an audio CD.

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