Ring of Red Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

AFW Ranges

Each of the 4 AFWs has there own special range to make them the biggest threat in battle, if you can engage the enemy at these distances you are giving yourself a very big step in the right direction. The AFW1 (weizegers) is most effective at medium range. The 4legged AFW (John and Ayomo) are most effective at long range. The AFW2 (ryogo) is most effective at medium range. and The light AfW is most effective at short range. When you start the battle your accuracy rating will be at 55% or better.

Survival Tip

When your in a battle senario. Use this trick to stay alive. Gather all your mechs in a big group. Theres always safty in numbers. If an enemy attacks, you have your whole team to back you up. Keep your best guy(You) in the back so you dont die. Keep your 4 leged mecks in back also(cause of long range). When your in a fight, always go for the meck itself, after all the ground troops can't do jack without it and the battles over. If you follow these tricks you'll do just fine.

Beat AFW In New Mission

To defeat the the new afw in the first mission surround him and then attack him as he tries to escape for northern Japan.