Rise of the Triad Cheats & Codes

Cheat Mode

Type dipstick to enable cheat mode. Once activated, type one of the following codes to enable the corresponding cheat function.
Effect 			Code 

Ultraviolent mode 		ekg  
Zoom mode 			fun 
God mode 			chojin 
Double pistols 		johnwoo  
MP40 gun 			plugem 
Bazooka  			vanilla 
Heat seeker missile gun 		hottimes  
Drunken missile gun 		booze  
Flame wall gun 		bones  
Fire bomb gun 		firebomb  
Kill all enemies 		seeya  
Flight mode 			flyboy  
Missile-cam view 		ride  
Bounce off everything 		boing  
Level select 		goto 
Jump to end of level 		goarch  
Enable fog 			london 
Disable fog 			nodnol  
Invincibility 			toosad  
Keys, armor, health 		sixtoys  
Magic mushroom mode 		badtrip  
Elastic mode 		boing  
Restart level 		goobers  
Ouch mode 			whack 
Auto run 			speed 
Restore yourself to normal 	panic  
Enable light diminishing 		dimon  
Disable light diminishing 		dimoff  
Quit 			gogates 
Invincible to bullets 		shootme  
Invincible to fire 		burnme  
Gas mask 			lungdung 
Armor, keys, heatseeker, split missile	huntpack 
Suicide 			86me 
No floor or ceiling textures 	gota386  
Enable floor and ceiling textures  	gota486  
Re-enter level 		reen  
MP40 Gun 			plugem 
Display coordinates 		where  
Record a demo 		record  
Stop recording a demo 		stop  
Play a demo 		play 
Enable lights 		shineon  
Disable lights 		shineoff  
All keys 			slacker 
Dog mode 			woof 
Game jukebox 		maestro  
Split missile 		split  
Kinetic energy sphere 		kesofdeath  
Toggle missile camera 		cujo  
Full map 			cartier